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Almonds Natural Sliced

Almonds Natural Sliced

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  • Brand: Blue Diamond 
  • — Raw, Vegan, Kosher
  • — Unsalted
  • — A Very Good Source of Manganese, and Copper

A daily intake of nuts comes with both enjoyment and amazing benefits for your health. Almonds in particular are a reliable source of Vitamin E, Potassium, Calcium, Copper, and Manganese. Apart from being available as whole nuts, they are also sold sliced. At Food to Live we offer California Unblanched Almonds that have been cut into wafer-thin pieces across their length. Only a single bag of Natural Sliced Almonds will simplify adding protein, healthy fats, and fiber to almost everything you already eat.

How to Use Sliced Almonds

There are many creative ways you can incorporate Raw Sliced Almonds in savory and sweet meals. Toss them into your salad, pasta, and rice, or sprinkle them over stews before serving. For a nutty crunch and amazing aroma, add sliced almonds to your Nutella-pizza or chocolate snack bars. Use sliced almonds with skin as decorations for cupcakes, cakes, ice-cream, and banana split dessert. You also can add them to your smoothies, shakes, yogurt, and cereals. Bake sliced almonds into muffins, oatmeal cookies, breads, or serve as a crispy topping with a fresh fruit salad.

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